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My background as an academic teacher (college and high school) and artist allow me to speak accessibly to diverse audiences, adapt to changing circumstances,  and keep audiences entertained.

I am able to speak to small or larger groups on a range of topics that revolve around creativity or the art of teaching. Since I have "gotten my hands dirty" in several job areas, such as artistry, bartending, and teaching, I am also happy to lead more hands-on, as opposed to lecture-based, talks.


My unique blend of experience allows me to put an engaging spin on this and other topics (see the topic list below). I love participation and hope to hear from most audience members before presentations are done. It's this exchange of ideas that keeps talks fresh and robust.


(Event pictured: The Platform, June 2015, where I was the featured writer.)

Teacher/Workshop Leader


"Michelle's approach to teaching is truly interactive, as she continually seeks thoughts and ideas from the audience throughout her presentation. After an effective grounding in the event's subject matter, she engaged our group in a series of exercises that challenged us intellectually and creatively. We took turns sharing what we had created by reading it aloud, and the output was truly remarkable."


-Michael Endy, President of the Westfield Art Association




(Event pictured, Cross Poetry Series, January 2015, where I was one of three featured writers.)

Topics List

Now that you know a bit of my background, you might be thinking, "OK, but what the heck can you talk about?"


My main audience is made up of writers and teachers. As a poet and educator myself, many of my talks revolve around creativity in one's personal life and in the classroom.

A short list of possible topics includes:

  • Using Social Media for Classroom Activity Inspiration

  • Self-Care for Teachers

  • Multi-Disciplinary Text-Dependent Analysis

  • The Intersection of Poetry & Visual Art

  • Prompts for Writers and Visual Artists: A Workshop

  • I've Written Some Poems. Now What?: A Guide to Publication

  • Ekphrastic Poetry

  • Is Poetry Still Relevant in the Classroom?



Speaking Fees & Contact


 My speaking fees range and depend on the size of the audience and length of the event. For smaller workshops (up to 15 attendees) and those held at non-profit organizations, my rate is $75/hour.


For larger events, keynote speeches, and other engagements, please e-mail me.  


Would you like to speak with me further? Have a different speaking topic in mind? Or, perhaps, are you ready to book me to speak at your next event or lead a workshop?


E-mail me at michelle.e.greco [at] gmail [dot] com.


I look forward to collaborating with you!

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