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The obligatory “official” writer’s bio:


Michelle Greco is a Latina poet who both lives and teaches in Pennsylvania. She holds an MFA from Drew University and is the author of the chapbook Field Guide to Fire (Finishing Line Press,
2015). Her poems have appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly, The Stillwater Review, Edison Literary Review, and the anthology Dear Sister, among others. When not writing, Michelle enjoys drawing, photography, and red dresses.

The non-official info:

I paint. I write. I take photos. 


Poetry will always be my first literary love.

I love talking to people and having lively discussions. Perhaps this is why I teach. I've been an educator for about eight years, both at the college and high school level. Literature is fun to teach. Composition is a bit less so (because grammar), but it's still rewarding.

I probably spend more time online than I should. I like chocolate chip cookies and turtles, though my favorite animal is probably a large cat of some sort (like a jaguar or cheetah. You know, something quick and cool looking).


To contact me for a reading, for more information about my work, or just to say hi, shoot me an e-mail at: michelle.e.greco [at] gmail [dot] com


You can also connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.

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