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Michelle Greco's chapbook, Field Guide to Fire, is now available for order from Finishing Line Press.



This is her first book of poems. Many of these poems first took shape during her MFA program at Drew University. She is so thankful for her mentors and colleagues in that program, all of whom helped her shape her voice and craft.


Since her graduation from the MFA in 2011, Michelle has kept close ties to the New Jersey/New York poetry community, with many new poems springing forth from hearing her fellow poets read their work.


Click here to order your copy.

Praise for Field Guide to Fire


“These fiery poems burst with passion and yet stay grounded with the poet’s keen and tender observations. Musical but taut, whimsical but serious, Michelle Greco is a poet of grace and daring. With her beak pointed flint-like she writes poems from the body, poems with spines and mettle that come at the reader with beautiful, brutal honesty.”


Anne Marie Macari, author of She Heads into the Wilderness





“Imagine a locked door. Imagine what it would take to bust through it. That sudden gust of a thing that’s been held back and finally let loose is the very spirit of Michelle Greco’s Field Guide to Fire. Notice, too, how many of the poems speak to someone. The thing let loose in this collection has voice and vector. It whispers and it burns.”


Patrick Rosal, author of Boneshepherds

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