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Red Dress Writers

No rules. Just Writing.



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What is Red Dress Writers?

Here's a bit of background: Over the years, I've taken several e-courses that have inspired me and helped guide me in my creative pursuits. Now, I'd like to give back in a similar manner through offering my own e-courses. I created Red Dress Writers out of need to create a supportive community of writers, both for those who are new to writing as well as for those who have experience in the field but are looking to connect with like-minded individuals.


In essence, Red Dress Writers is the umbrella name under which I offer my e-courses, but it is also a community of supportive and talented writers.


I'm a guy. Can I still take part in the e-courses in the Red Dress Writers' community? 

Absolutely! (as long as you don't mind the feminine title ;) )


Do I need to be an experienced writer to participate in your e-courses?

Nope! All skill levels are welcome because I believe everyone can write and be creative. We all have experiences that can be shaped into powerful art.


Are there any age restrictions?

I would suggest participants be 18 years of age or older since we may look at writing that discusses some mature content and themes.


What makes this line of e-courses different?

All of the e-courses I have taken in the past, though some were similar in content, all had a different flavor because of the person leading it. What makes these e-courses stand out is my style (fun, enthusiastic, and sassy) as well as the unique experiences and connections I provide as part of the course materials (my experience as a visual artist, connections with local poets and poetry events, etc.)


In addition, since class sizes are kept on the smaller side, I am able to give each participant personal attention. The smaller size of the community also lends to great interaction between participants. You are not a number here! 


In what ways are you qualified to lead these courses?

I have been a teaching artist since 2011. Since that time, I have led workshops for high school students, senior citizens, and everyone in between. I have also been teaching college composition since 2012.


Additionally, I hold an MFA in Poetry from Drew University, have had several of my individual poems published in prominent journals, and am the author of the chapbook Field Guide to Fire. For more of my professional information, click here.


How do your e-courses work?

The content will be posted on a password-protected site. I will e-mail the log-in information a few days before class starts. At this time, you may also sign up for e-mail notification so that each time I post course content, it will be delivered right to your inbox.


You will also gain access to a private Facebook group in order to connect with other participants both during the course and after it ends.


Do I need to be "in class" at a certain time?

Nope! Though I will post content three times per week, it will be accessible 24/7. You can take the e-courses at your own pace.


Additionally, when you purchase a course, the content will be available to you for up to six months after the course ends.


Are your courses open to international participants?

Absolutely! The great thing about an e-course is that I can easily offer content to people around the globe. If you are located outside of the US, you are still more than welcome to join!


Is class size limited?

Yes. Due to the fact that I am offering personal feedback on one piece of writing per week per participant, I am limiting the class size so that I can offer more individual attention. Please consider signing up early to avoid disappointment.


What e-courses are you currently offering?

I'm so glad you asked! My very first e-course offerings kick off in early June with the "Writing and Memory" workshop. In this course, we will look at writing that focuses on recalling memories. We will explore different writing prompts and writer interviews.


My second e-course, "Ekphrastic Writing," will begin in early July. In this course, we will explore and create writing based on visual art.


Each course runs for three weeks and has a fee of $69.00.


Click on the either e-course icon below for more detailed information on each course as well as to register. (Note: You must have a PayPal account in order to register. If you encounter an issue, send me an e-mail and I'll work with you to fix it.)


I don't think I'll be able to participate in the current round of e-courses due to work/vacation/other adventure. Will you offer these courses again?

The short answer is most likely. 

The long answer is probably, but it depends on how these first two classes go. If I get a good response, I'll most likely offer one or both of the courses again in the fall. If the demand isn't as great, then I may offer these courses next year or try some new offerings.


Additionally, when you pay for the course, you have access to the content for six months after the course is over. Even if you are not able to keep up with all the content in June or July, you can take it at your own pace in the following months. I'll certainly be available through e-mail contact even after the courses end, should you have questions.






The crowd at one of my readings, January 2015

Like this crowd, Red Dress Writers is a fun group!


I look serious here, but my workshops are fun and are run with much enthusiasm!


Photo taken by Alyson Barrow Photography

The crowd at a reading, March 2015

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